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Kuchipudi dance is an art form derived from a small village in South India known as Kuchipudi. Kuchipudi is a classical Indian art form in which you use Natya (dance), and laya (expression) to give tribute to the many Indian Gods.

Natya Nidhi School of Dance promotes this art form by teaching it to kids and adults of various ages. Guru Smt. Jaya Gorty has learned, performed and taught Kuchipudi for over two decades.  Mrs. Jaya Gorty is passionate about growing awareness about Kuchipudi in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and worldwide.

About Us

Natya Nidhi Kuchipudi Dance School offers Kuchipudi dance lessons in Plano/Murphy/Richardson/Wylie and surrounding areas. The focus for the dance school is to inspire students to perfect the art form and give back to the community. Natya Nidhi orchestrates multiple dance performances each year, and its students have won accolades in classical dance competitions. The current class of students ranges from ages 6 to 35.

Natya Nidhi School of Dance offers lessons to students at various skill levels, from steps to advanced dance items. Summer workshops are also offered for those that want to stay connected with the art form during summer break.

Guru Jaya Gorty

Jaya Gorty has been learning and teaching Kuchipudi for over two decades. She performed her Rangapravesam in Dallas and participated in various dance ballets and local cultural events. Guru Jaya Gorty resides in Dallas, Texas, with her husband and two kids and strives to promote the Kuchipudi art form.